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Bertie's Year
Wool Hanging Block of the Month

12 month project - $21/month
Quilt size 50" x 60"

One of our customers actually brought this to our attention (see, we do listen!) and we loved it! It's a great combination of wool and flannels to make a beautiful wall quilt. These designs aren't so complicated or involved so you'll feel like you're flying through each block. Even if you're new to the wool scene, you'll have a blast with this project.

Bertie's Year Wool Hanging Block of the Month

Bertie's Year Wool Hanging Block of the Month There are lots of things that go into this project and the good news is that we're kitting it all up for you (except the threads). Each month you'll receive a kit with the pattern, all wool and flannels for that block and any buttons needed to complete the block. We used our Valdani perle cottons to stitch and have put together a small collection of colors that we used over and over as a "Starter" kit. Please ask for more information if you are interested.

Secrets & Shadows (90" x 90")

From Common Threads Quilting and Windham Fabrics. This Block of the Month is a program honoring women from World War I and World War II who risked their lives as spies in service to their country. We should be able to start this BOM in August. It will fun for 12 months and will be $18/month plus shipping if needed. Each month includes a fascinating story about women like Mata Hari and others we never heard of. It's amazing what they did and the fabrics for the quilt are phenomenal!! (the picture just doesn't do it justice!).

Patchwork Garden (52" x 66")

Remember Sweet Stitches from Kathy Schmitz? This is the next chapter in her designs. 12 eight inch redwork stitcheries with "sampler-ish" piecing create this wonderful wall quilt. All the designs are different so it makes a great companion piece if you kept Sweet Stitches and didn't give them away! This is a 12 month project that will be $18/month and includes all the patterns, fabrics and a starter spool of thread to complete the top.


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