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Block of the Month / Clubs:

Stop in the shop, call us at 585-335-2050 or email us to register for Block of the Month Projects.

Bertie's Year
Wool Hanging Block of the Month

12 month project - $21/month - Quilt size 50" x 60"

One of our customers actually brought this to our attention (see, we do listen!) and we loved it! It's a great combination of wool and flannels to make a beautiful wall quilt. These designs aren't so complicated or involved so you'll feel like you're flying through each block. Even if you're new to the wool scene, you'll have a blast with this project.

Bertie's Year Wool Hanging Block of the Month

Bertie's Year Wool Hanging Block of the Month There are lots of things that go into this project and the good news is that we're kitting it all up for you (except the threads). Each month you'll receive a kit with the pattern, all wool and flannels for that block and any buttons needed to complete the block. We used our Valdani perle cottons to stitch and have put together a small collection of colors that we used over and over as a "Starter" kit. Please ask for more information if you are interested.
Technique of the Month

12 monthly projects - $25/month

These are block of the month, project of the month and many more "of the month" ideas. Well, girls, we're moving into the new age of modern technology and going "online!" A while ago, we sent out a link to a small video we did on a new ruler and designer we thought was just wonderful. Well, the response was pretty amazing. For such a low-budget stage crew (Teri & Marty) you guys thought we were pretty good - way to boost our confidence! So we thought this might be an avenue to try a couple of new things - online. We have searched out 12 different projects that have a technique involved in the process. Each month you'll get a kit to complete the entire project (there are a couple of exceptions) and you'll also receive, via email, a link to a personal, online tutorial featuring any tips or tricks to the technique used to complete the project. This way, you'll have a visual, along with the pattern, to help you out when making the project. Some of the techniques are quite simple - quilt as you go, bias bindings, machine appliqué and some of them are a bit more specific - wool appliqué, cutting hexagons with your ruler, zippers in totes, but each is a learning experience.

You may love some of the techniques more than others, but if nothing else, you've got some great Christmas gifts ready for next year!!!

Here are the projects, month by month ...


Technique of the Month project

Kansas Troubles Starry Kisses

Technique of the Month project

Little Quilts Delight Pillow

Technique of the Month project

Merry Go Round Topper

Technique of the Month project

Bali Point to Point Runner

Technique of the Month project

Happy Go Lucky Oven Mitts

Technique of the Month project

Water Bottle Sling

Technique of the Month project

Sunshine Bag

Technique of the Month project

Border Stripe Placemats

Technique of the Month project

Weave In Style Basket

Technique of the Month project

Ginger Snap Double Stitch

Technique of the Month project

Joy Embroidery

Technique of the Month project

Nine Teas Towel


Prairie Women's Sewing Circle

6 month project - $38 for the complete 6 months + $20 for 1 time shipping if necessary

If you love quilt history, and want to learn more about what life was like in the nineteenth century and about "Make-Do" quilts, join us in experiencing the Prairie Women's Sewing Circle, We're ready to begin Journey 3 of Pam Buda's Prairie Women series and we can personally tell you that the pictures we are showing you just don't do the quilts justice. But the good news is if you would like to see the quilts in person, be sure to stop in the shop before the end of the month and you can see these beauties!! We have them on loan from Pam and they are gorgeous. You can hunt down the Make-Do in each one of them!


Each month you'll get a new pattern for a small reproduction quilt, a period oriented story of what our fore-mothers went through in their daily life and some squares of reproduction fabric that you will put to good use in the bonus project (not yo-yo's, we promise!!). You will also have online access to a members' only website. The site will have a new tutorial each month to help with your project and an opportunity for you to share and post pictures of your projects with others also on the Journey. You can email or stop in at the shop to register for this program.

Kim Diehl's Simple Whatnots Club
Kim Diehl's
Simple Whatnots Club

You may have seen advertisements in your favorite magazines of the upcoming club that Kim has designed. We will be participating in the program, but you're going to have to be patient!!! The Vintage Farmhouse fabrics aren't arriving until June, so we'll be starting up in July. We'll keep you informed as we go along.


Monthly Wool Banners

We continue to get more and more wool into the shop and these adorable banners were a natural for a monthly project. When you register for this project, you will receive each month all the fabrics (wool and cotton) to complete the banner. You'll just need to supply your threads. If you've wanted to get your feet wet with wool, this is a great way to do it! This project is $18 each month, + shipping if you can't get in to pick up.

Block of the Monthly Wool Banners
Block of the Monthly Wool Banners
Block of the Monthly Wool Banners
Block of the Monthly Wool Banners
Block of the Monthly Wool Banners


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